The Frugal Musician makes use of seed catalogs



I love seed catalogs. Often, they’re the only things that get me through the winter. With a seed catalog, I can happily envision and plan my garden. Oh the joys of a potential patch of spring lavendar when the house is 60 degrees. Oh the thrill of a photo of a fat, juicy tomato when the snow flakes are falling.

Reality sets in soon enough, and I am ecstatically awash in dirt and sun and seeds.

But what of the catalogs, dogeared and forlorn on my bedside table?

I cannot throw them away. They are just too gorgeous. Particularly the Shumway catalog which looks like it was printed in the early 1900s.

I could toss them in the recycling but that seems like throwing away an old friend. A trusted pal who chaperoned me through the dark days of winter. The hopeful friend who reminded me in the depths of December that spring indeed would come again.

Then it hit me. Wrapping paper. Seed catalogs would make perfect wrapping paper for spring and summer gifts.

I happily gathered my catalogs and put them upstairs in my gift drawer along with my thrift mart greeting cards and scavenged shipping boxes. 

My seed catalogs will live another day, provide another use and beautify another life the way they did mine. 

In the frugal life, what comes around goes around. Again and again and again.


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