The Frugal Musician is a Bzz Agent




My sister, the ultimate frugal gal, introduced me to, assuring me that if I would go to the site and register and fill out a few surveys, I could get cool free samples.

I was skeptical.

Several months ago I registered for and thinking I could generate a few extra bucks by completing surveys. After a few brutal weeks of filling out forms and submitting information, I earned (wait a minute, I have to look) oh yes, approximately two dollars and forty cents. Not a good use of time or sanity.

My sister promised was different. Warily, I registered at the site, completed a survey to see what sort of consummerism I participated in (not much) and logged off thinking I’d surely never hear from the site again.  I was impressed, however with their manifesto of WOM (word of mouth) marketing.

One of my survey “interests” was skin care. I’ve reached a lovely age where blemishes and wrinkles are fighting for supreme and ultimate control of my face. 

Last week, a box arrived from Inside the box were two full size bottles of L’Oreal Revitalift (one day lotion and one night lotion) with five packets of sample product for me to pass along to friends. Total value: $40.00

Here’s what I have to do:

Try the product and read the BzzGuide (a brochure about L’Oreal-3 pages)

Share your honest opinion with people you know.

Submit a BzzReport at

I’ll keep you posted on how this works out. I encourage you to go to and check it out.

Or you can keep filling out those survey forms for twenty five cents a pop!


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