The Frugal Musician is GRIDdled



I conduct business ON GRID. Typically I work a 10 -12 hour work day from a home office.  Long hours, yes. But I am at home working. Therefore, a load of laundry can be squeezed between a few phone calls. A quick dusting of the living room can be accomplished while I’m waiting on an email. 

I go to the post office on a Tuesday afternoon because that is when the clerks told me they are slowest.  I can take advantage of the Wednesday morning markdowns at Kroger . I can completely juggle and flip my schedule to suit the weather and my frugal life.  So basically, I live  and work OFF GRID.

I got a HEAVY dose of ON GRID living Sunday morning when I accompanied Boyfriend on a quick trip to Lowes. He had to pick up items to help with his car restoration so I thought I’d visit the Garden Center and pick up seeds.


I do believe the entire city of Henrico Virginia was  in the Lowes Garden Center. Screaming children (two so loud a store employee was even imploring them to quieten down) , frustrated parents, pallet sized carts, entire selections of sale plants decimated, chaos, confusion and then a line that stretched through most of the Garden Center.

I’ve never been more grateful for the flexibility of living off grid.

My commute is approximately 25 feet -from my bedroom to my sunroom office.

Pajamas are an acceptable work uniform when it’s cold.

“Going out for lunch” means sitting outside on the deck having a homegrown tomato sandwich.

My social circle is the people I work for, Boyfriend, Kronk the Dog and my sweet community of online friends.

Living off grid is HOT.


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  1. Oh- don’t we get spoiled! I sometimes think my friends think I’m getting a little “eccentric” because I’ll say “oh, I can’t drive across town at that hour.” But seriously, do I want to get all stressed out in traffic for over an hour? I don’t think so.

    I do the same thing as you Tammy- post office slow afternoons, groceries wednesday mornings. I am so thankful for the flexibility. And working in my pajamas past noon some days!

    • I love off grid Angela and YES it is like being spoiled! I may not make a ton of money, but I don’t sit in traffic for three hours a day, I don’t wear heels and stockings and I don’t have to worry about anyone’s opinion in the office, except for Kronk the Dog’s.

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