The Frugal Musician believes in fairies



The garden was glorious this past week. Sun and warmth crept back into my life like a long lost friend. After what seemed like an eternal winter, the sun made a spectacular appearance this past week.

In the garden, I noticed this little niche created by stone pavers we had piled in a corner last year.  It just seemed to lend itself to a place for fairies to frolic- so I created a little haven for them to do just that.

I daresay, this project was sorely needed. The long winter has left me worn and ridiculously worried about a myriad of trifling life details. Mostly, I’ve been entrenched during the winter in a particularly nasty mental bout with retirement which I can only guess is the result of turning the magical 5-0 last year.  Retirement is just not something I can consider, having spent the last 15 years in the music business and as an entrepreneurial gal funding my own dreams and visions. 

When I think about the years after 62, I simply know that, those years, much like those before them, will take care of themselves.

So I closed the calendar, put away my files, turned off the computer and stepped outside to create a little fairy oasis. As I worked I sincerely felt flow and meaning for the first time in a long while.  My daily job is  with creative people, but I am remiss to remember my own art and creative endeavors.

Everyone should take time to create a fairy haven.  Bless the spirits in the earth and trees, rocks and flowers.  Feel the hum of flow and contentment. The fairies will thank you and bless you with peace and good tidings.



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