The Frugal Musician wants to be a hound dog



Kronk the Dog got up this morning at 11:30am, walked in my office, noticed it was raining, turned around and walked back to the bedroom and got back under the covers.

I was already in the midst of an ultrafrantic day, juggling several different projects and writing proposals to hopefully land a little more freelance work when Mr Kronk made his morning appearance and disapperance.

As he walked out of the office I thought, “I want to be Kronk.”

If it’s raining when he gets up, he simply goes back to bed and waits on the weather to improve or for breakfast to be served whichever comes first. Speaking of breakfast, he eats at his leisure, not at a desk or standing at the counter in the kitchen while talking on the phone.  He has his morning constitution without special running pants or shoes or an IPOD.  When it’s sunny, he plays and romps and sniffs and rollicks with rocks and balls.  On a particularly busy day, he’ll escape the fence and go running with wild abandon through the neighborhood until his ride shows up- that’s either Chris or me, and he hops in the car, tail wagging with a big grin on his ole hound dog face. “I did it again!” his gleeful eyes seem to say. “No bamboo-deer- chainlink fence can contain the mighty dog I am!”

He’s never sad or worried about where his next meal or his next buck might come from. He’s not caught up in the stock market mess or the mortgage meltdown. He is content and happy and right with the world.

I envy him.


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