The Frugal Musician makes velvet bags



If necessity is the mother of invention, frugality must have birthed creativity.  A couple of years ago, in a pinch for Christmas gifts for a plethora of musicians types, I discovered how to make draw string bags. My thought was to make draw string bags as a device for musicians to store picks and capos within guitar cases.  Son Two, when I told him what I was doing, claimed I was making Mojo Hands. After some research, I understood his concept of what I was creating. I didn’t include magical totems or special oils in my bags, as a vodoo practioner would do, but my bags were a big hit, even though they didn’t contain items for magic spells.

Since then I’ve perfected my draw string bags and now use them as pretty wrappings for gifts of stones and jewelry. I can make several draw string bags from one item of clothing. I mostly use the sleeves of velvet shirts to make the bags, but I do use the rest of the item also. Here’s how I do it.

hosta-shoots-009 Cut the sleeves from the shirt. Make a 5-6 inche piece from the sleeves.  Turn inside out and sew the bottom of the bag.







With an exacto knife, cut a small slit in the top of the bag where the hem of the sleeve was.  Thread a piece of rope or ribbon through the hem of the sleeve.


The cord for this bag was from a Victoria’s Secret bag and worked perfectly, both in color and style.











When the bag is finished fill it with stones or jewelry. The velvet bag really adds to the elegance of simple gifts. And there is no paper to add to the landfill or tape or boxes to consider. I love to go to the thrift mart and pick up shirts for under a buck and turn them into little works of art.



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