The Frugal Musician Supports the Arts (and Artists)



My dear friend Tina works for a big booking agency. She does what I do but at a bigger, more intense level. Her artists are heavy hitters in the blues world. And when Tina is not booking or managing shows, she is a clever and creative artist in her own right.

Tina makes these cool little notebooks and I love them. I buy them to send to special folks I meet along the way in my business. They are my personal thank you’s to writers and reviewers who work diligently to increase awareness of my musicians, whether by an article, a photo, a caption or a calendar listing.

These little notebooks not only help me say thank you in a unique way, they help me in a very small way support my sweet friend who makes them.

Is there an artist in your world you could support in some small way?  Maybe you could click the donate button on your favorite local band’s website and give money to help them record their next record. Maybe you could buy a painting or a craft from someone you know.

Supporting local artists makes your heart feel good and it keeps money circulating in your local economy. Whether you purchase a ticket to a music show or buy a picture or painting, know that artists create from a place of divine inspiration.  It’s good to show them you recognize their artistry and talent. So buy that book, painting, cd, dvd or original art piece from someone you know.  You’ll be glad you did.


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