The Frugal Musician’s Friday Night



The Frugal Musician really was an actual musician.  I spent more Friday nights than I care to remember on stage, back stage, getting ready for a show, going to a show, playing a show, packing up and traveling to another location to do it all over again.  Friday nights now have a sweet sheen because nine times out of ten, I spend them at home.

Inspector Poirot and I have a nice mystery to solve tonight. The mysterious case of Cards on the Table awaits a spin on the dvd player and a chilled bottle of Fuki Plum Wine is in the frige. The expense of this wonderful night? The dvd was rented at the library and Fuki Wine is $10.00 a bottle. And a bottle of Fuki lasts me about a month.

To me, this is a perfect Friday night.  Calm and relaxing and fun.

And now you’ll have to excuse me. I have a hot date with a little Belgiun detective.

“It is the little grey cells on which one must rely…”


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  1. Sounds like a perfect evening!
    I love friday movie nights, especially when it’s been a long hard week. Sometimes we do pizza and wine, sometimes just wine. Last night we had takeout, a bottle of wine, and watched the movie “Once.” It was great.
    You should check out that movie if you haven’t seen it yet- it’s about music.

  2. I have never heard of that movie. I’ll check it out! I really love Friday movie nights. I also watch Masterpiece Theatre on PBS on Sunday nights. I think mindful use of TV is a good thing!

  3. Oh- definitely rent it or get it from the library. It’s such a sweet movie, about music and love and the creative process. If you watched the Academy Awards last year, they sang the song and won the award for best song. They’re a man and woman from Ireland, I’m actually not sure if they’re a couple.

    Let me know if you watch it! I hope you do!

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