The Frugal Musician Finds a Feast



Sunday night, Chris had to play,so he wasn’t home for dinner. He’s a musician. I may not have mentioned that before. He’s also a sound engineer, but Sunday he hosts a jam at the venue he techs at. So Sunday nights, I clean the fridge out for dinner since he has supper at the club.

This past Sunday’s frige cleaning resulted in a most outstanding Italian dinner of leftover pizza (Kroger deli had it for $4.99 and I had a $1.50 coupon) and a serving of Veal, tomato sauce and spaghetti (Veal is outrageous! I paid $2.91 for three nice fillets- opposed to $11.99 at the regular price).  I’ve been experimenting with spicing up regular spaghetti sauce. When I fried the veal, I made  a white sauce with the pan drippings then added a cup of regular four cheese spaghetti sauce and it was outstanding.  I melted the last unmoldy slice of provologne cheese over the top.

I made a spinach salad with blue cheese dressing and had a simple  Sunday Night Italian Leftover Feast.

It was “bellissimo”! And Simple-o. And YUM MO!


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