The Frugal Musician Rocks Out in the Garden



Last year was the first time we’d had a garden space. It was such a pleasurable experience to grow our own veggies, we expanded the garden for the upcoming growing season.

Last year we raised tomatoes, peppers, squash, green beans, carrots, butter beans and corn. Although our efforts didn’t produce tons of produce, our little plot was a work in progress and it was fun to have fresh, home grown food.

This morning I was removing rocks from our plot and I thought about how musicians typically live. We rent rooms or live with others because, as we tour, we simple are not home enough to justify a house, yard or garden.

But that should not keep us from planting something. Even a small plot in the front yard or a balcony or deck space can be used for container gardening. Throw a bunch of wildflower seeds in the alley way or beside the porch.

Growing plants is a metaphor for growing talent. From tiny seeds sprout possibilities. From just a few sprinkles of thought, a melody is constructed.  Given the proper time, attention, water and care, an idea deveops into a song. 

Grow something this year. Be a part of nature.


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