The Frugal Musician’s Mortar and Pestle



I’ve wanted a mortar and pestle for some time now. I’ve researched websites and priced a few and they’re just too expensive.  Plus, they seem to lack the thing I’d like most for an item to have: personality.

mortarThis is very nice but $35.00 plus shipping isn’t do-able at the moment.



I purchased dried Rosemary and discovered it was not ground but rather looked like the dried needles from  a christmas tree. I tried to crush the rosemary by hand but the results weren’t great. Suddenly, I thought of the photo of the mortar and pestle I’d been looking at and realized a coffee cup would do as the mortar (bowl) and (revelation) a tall shot glass could serve as the pestle (grinding stick).

I poured the rosemary into the coffeecup and started grinding with the shot glass and it worked PERFECTLY!

I still want a real mortar and pestle, but was happy that by using a little brain power and ingenuity, I could create a completely satisfactory substitute.

What have you substitued for the real thing?


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  1. I love your resourcefulness! I’m going to try that the next time I need a mortar and pestle, which isn’t often enough to warrant another item cluttering the kitchen.

    I do this kind of thing all the time- but I can’t seem to think of an example off the top of my head! I’ll come back when I do.

  2. Sometimes the expense and how often your going to use an item precludes purchasing it! That said I’m not so sure I’ll buy a mortar and pestle now that I’ve found something that works just as well!!
    Thanks for coming by Angela!

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