The Frugal Musician has a side hustle





We are amazingly lucky. In 2007, we purchased a property that had been the home of a master gardener for many years. The couple who owned the home before us had small kids so the yard become overgrown in the 10 year interium between the master gardner and us.

Last spring, I would take a morning turn about my yard, coffee in hand, dumbfounded at the prolifieration of plants.   Boyfriend’s mom visited and deemed we had a “million dollar yard”. Of course, she exagerated, but the little wheels in my head started clicking, particularly when I noticed how overgrown things were and how desperately little shoots struggled for a patch of ground.

I checked out library books and started identifying shoots, stems, buds and flowers. There were hosta, vinca, lirope, peony, iris, daylily, lemon balm, mint, varieties of daffodil, boxwoods, firethorn, juniper and helleborus plants a plenty.

I perused a few websites to see how much these plants were selling for.

Then I started digging. And selling.

Remarkably, I’ve made a nice little nest egg from my plant sales. In addition, I love the act of digging something up and selling it to make cash to buy veggie plants, fencing and other things for our lovely yard. Last year, I was able to sell enough plants to take a little vacation with my sister and mom.

Jason over at calls this a ‘side hustle’. He suggests developing side hustles as extra income or a way to help payoff debt.

My side hustle is so satisfying, I’d like to eventually make it more than a side hustle.

What’s your side hustle?


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