The Frugal Musician LOVES The Tudors for free



I usually try to watch a good movie and relax on Friday nights.  I make popcorn and have a nice frosty glass of Diet Coke. Or I may opt for a goblet of Plum Wine and cheese and veggies.  Friday nights, I de-stress from the work week. This week I needed a good dose of  de-stressing after working some 60 hours on major projects and trying to figure out how to change horses in mid stream in the wild world of the music business.

I didn’t have time to drop by the library and pick up a movie. Agatha Christie’s Inspector Poirot and I have spent many a Friday night solving crimes  together.  Jane Austen is another reliable Friday night guest. Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Caribbean are regular guests.

So there I was alone and lonely in front of our nice widescreen tv with no movie. We don’t subscribe to movie channels opting for the bare minimum in cable.  I scanned channels. Nothing remotely watchable. I clicked on ON DEMAND and what did I find?

My friend, it was indeed a miracle, because before my very eyes was the entire first season of  Showtime series THE TUTORS.  And it was FREE.

Ten episodes later, I cannot wait for the second season of  THE TUDORS to appear on my On Demand service. The THIRD season of the show started April 5 and (shocker) the first episode of the third season was available FREE at the Showtime website. I watched it online before it was on tv.

My appetite has been whetted for season two but I CAN WAIT. I am so good at delayed gratification.  Waiting is sweet. And surprises, like finding THE TUDORS on demand, is even sweeter!


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