The Frugal Musician trims the Crepe Myrtles



We have outstanding crepe myrtle trees that are not in bloom at the moment or I would have a better photo! But you can see the nice pink blooms on the one in the back flower garden from this photo I took last spring.

Crepe Myrtles have to be trimmed of suckers or the tree looks unkept and messy. This week, as the rain allowed, I trimmed the suckers from around the trees and ended up with a big pile of limbs and sticks.  Instead of chucking everything onto the compost pile, I made bundles of kindling for the firepit and also made stakes for the garden.







I tied the kindling bundles with ropes of vine and pilled them on my metal sleigh for burning in the summer. The garden stakes will make perfect trellises for butter peas and green beans. 

I love doing this sort of thing. I think I would have been ok as a wilderness wife.


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