The Frugal Musician likes 90% off



On a recent outing, I stopped by CVS in my old neighborhood. The particular store always had great markdowns and I surely miss going there on my regular shopping rounds.

The store still had a great selection of Valentines merchandise for 90% off.  Normally, I don’t buy foreign made items, but this little lion just stole my heart.  When his paw is pressed, he sings “Try a Little Tenderness”.  For a buck, it was a great deal and it made me happy. Next year for Valentines, my niece will love it.

The little lion was  powered by three Duracell batteries, which I removed before I stored the toy away. The gift bag was also 90% off.  Over the course of this year, I’ll find other seasonal items for pennies on the dollar.

When next year rolls around, I’ll have a nice collection of seasonal things to make gift bags or baskets.  It’s wonderful to be able to create a nice gift and not spend a fortune.


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