The Frugal Musician gets some Sweet Deals…



The local Kroger has been going through a “re-set” which  I guess is food retail lingo for spring cleaning.  Bins of merchandise are stacked at the front of the store and tables display all manner of food. Some of the items are seasonal-Valentines anf Christmas items- and some are simply the victims of label changes. I recently bought spices for .50 a piece. The expiration date on most was 2011 and I also bought Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea for $1.00 and then used a .50 coupon, which Kroger doubles, so the tea cost nothing. 

Kroger routinely sends a leaflet to me with free coupons for items I buy most.  The cake mix was free as was the coffee.  The M&Ms, great for making cookies, were 75 cents a bag and I had a one dollar coupon on two bags, making the total cost for two big bags of candy exactly 50 cents! The icings and jello were 25 cents each. The Quaker Chocolate Crisps were a free sample I ordered from WalMart. Lots of nice sweet stuff for cookies and cake cost ONE DOLLAR AND 25 CENTS!

Talk about a SWEET deal!


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