The Frugal Musician makes homemade Soft Scrub & Hand Soap



Way before it was hip to be frugal and years before it was cool to consider the environment, I learned to make bio friendly soft scrub. 

I use baking soda mixed with dish detergent as an alternative to chemical laden Soft Scrub. To clean ceramic tile  floors, I mix Murphys Oil Soap with baking soda. 

Typically I use an empty dish detergent bottle and pour in half baking soda and half dish detergent or Murphys. I give it a good shake and I’m ready to clean.  I’ve also mixed this in a container with a spoon if I need a particularly stiff concoction for especially dirty jobs like tile grout.

I save slivers of soap and crumble into tiny pieces into a hand soap pump bottle. When the bottle is half full of soap slivers, I fill it the rest of the way with water and let it sit until the soap has dissolved. I use the homemade Soft Soap in my garden to clean my hands before coming in the house. It works perfectly.

I’m all about alternative cleaning solutions. What are your favorites?


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