The Frugal Musician is in a stew or rather a stoup



Once a week, I clean out the frige and make what Rachel Ray would call a “stoup”. Between a soup and a stew, stoup makes a plentiful pot of soothing and satiating delight on cold days.  I rarely use soup in a can, much preferring my own concoctions.

The best stoup starts with a roux, a mixture of butter or oil or some other “fat” and flour. I use a mixture of canola oil and a bit of butter.  Over medium heat, allow butter and oil to warm then toss in a couple tablespoons of flour. The mixture will sizzle. Wisk the flour around in the oil until it turns toasty brown. The add stock or tomato juice.



Keep stirring and add veggies, pasta, beans, and any other leftovers you want to use.  I like to add a can of tomatoes and at the end of cooking, throw in wilted spinach. Top with cheese or croutons.



Stoup is an excellent way to make leftovers stretch a long way.  Enjoy!



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