The Frugal Musician makes a list and checks it twice…



It snowed here a couple of weeks ago. Then we had summer for two days and now it has turned cold and chilly with a mix of sleet and rain. This started Thursday and we won’t see sun until next Tuesday.

I am not a fan of cold weather. I’m a leo and that sun sign is very much in harmony with who I am, what I do and my weather preferences. Hot and sunny. I’m there. Cold and rainy – not so much.

It’s Saturday and typically I work at least part of each weekend day. After finishing a morning of contracts and advances, I really wanted to hop in the Betsy Jeep and go SOMEWHERE because this weather is making me stir crazy.

However, going anywhere means spending and funds are tight. So it hit me. It was a great Big List day.

I keep a Big List of projects, things to do, stuff to clean and organize, office tasks, financial projects, etc. Today’s  Big List includes catching up blogs, starting a new blog at, formatting and putting the finishing touches on Organize Your Band (my new book), finish my taxes, organize my gift drawer, finances, restring a necklace, create a new vision map from magazines purchased at the last library sale, make cardboard mailers, make cookies, cornbread, organize my Personal Post Office and find natural cosmetic recipes online. 

The Big List saves much time, effort and especially, money.  It is a alternative to Go and Do; it’s Stay and Save!


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  1. Ha- you’re a list person, just like me. It sounds like you’ve got enough on your Big List to keep you busy for years…

    My roommate in college and I were both list-makers. When we got a new roommate for our extra bedroom, he was fascinated with this habit of ours. One morning, he wrote a list in crayon with three items: take shower, drink coffee, smoke cigarette. As he checked off each item, he declared “this is fun!”

  2. I love that your roommate wrote in crayon! I’ll have to try that on a whimsical day…
    I think a list keeps me on task and when an item is completed and checked, there is a great feeling of accomplishment.
    Thanks for coming by Angela!

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