The Frugal Musician gets Thrifty With It



Last summer,  Son One called when I was out thrift shopping. Somehow, in the murkiness of a bad cell phone connection, he thought I said I was “treasure hopping”.  Since then, I’ve fondly call my once a month outing to the local thrift marts “treasure hopping.”

My favorite store here in Richmond is run by the Junior League. Proceeds are donated to various organizations that help women and children. I like to treasure hop where my dollars go back to the community.

This outing produced a  pair of Old Navy jeans- $1.50, a cool brown knit top -$1.50, a Robert Stock silk necktie for Son Two for a buck, a neat new votive candle for gift giving for seventy cents and a couple more candles for ten cents each. The books were $1.00 for hardbacks and .50 for paperbacks.  I spent $8.00 but was able to sell the text book for $4.00 and the finance book for $2.00.

Where’s your favorite place to “treasure hop”?


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