The Frugal Musician vs The Call of the Mall




After a snowy week inside working, I was a little stir crazy and when a Victoria’s Secret free panty coupon landed happily in my mail box Friday, the call of the mall finally won.  I had offers for free lunch from Chick Fil A, a $30 rewards card from Express  (Son Two had purchased dress shirts and ties for work at deep discounts after Christmas resulting in an A List Rewards voucher) and the aforementioned free panty ($9.50 value) at Victoria’s Secret.  Honestly, the mall holds no magic for me and I am not tempted by “stuff” at all. I’m not an emotional shopper and am still a little confused by that phrase, though I understand lots of people have that programming.

I ate my free-with-the-purchase-of-a-beverage ($1.73) chicken strips lunch  and checked the mall directory for Express and Victoria’s Secret (like I said,  it’s been a while). I was amazed that on a Friday afternoon, the mall was nearly empty. Many stores had paper over the windows and were closed.

I went to Express and picked up a new top for me, the first new thing I’ve purchased for myself in a LONG time and a cool belt buckle for Son One who, mercifully, starts a new job this week. The top and belt buckle were $40 (shirt was on sale for $19.00) and I had a $30 reward card, making the purchase $10.00.  Victoria’s Secret  was totally free and the clerk wrapped my purchase in perky pink paper and a VS bag.

Total spent : $11.73

Feeling good about frugal shopping : Priceless


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