The Frugal Musician makes a cardboard mailer



I use A LOT of big manila mailing envelopes. At least 50-75 packages go out from my office every month, bearing music to all parts of the globe. Typically a mailer contains a cd and perhaps some written info about a band (known as a press kit). Some bands enlist my consignment services, and that entails sending cds in cartons or boxes. I have never bought a shipping box because I can always recycle incoming mailers and boxes into outgoing mail recepticles.

I’ve watched the price of 100 manila envelopes soar at Staples. Last year, 100 manila clasp envelopes were less than $5.00. Now they’re over $7.00. I use Staples Rewards and get a decent rewards check quarterly (Staples is where I do my copying) so I can offset the cost. But last week, I ran out of mailers and the weather was miserable and I didn’t want to drive the 30 mile round trip to Staples and refused to pick up a three pack at the store for $2.00 to just get by. SO The Frugal Musician got creative and made mailers out of empty cereal boxes.  The boxes made a nice sturdy mailer, saved time and money and I was able to recycle. Here’s how I did it.

First flatten the box and cut off the sides. frugal-musician-017frugal-musician-018

Fold the box to form a pocket and staple the sides together. I added a little logo I made on the computer that says MOONSTRUCK RECYCLES and glued it to the top of the mailer.


Put in the contents of the package, fold the top over and tape. I also put tape around the outer edge of the mailer where the staples are so no one accidently slices a finger on a staple should it decide to work loose.  Then I add my return address sticker and a white label for the addressee. Then I may add some colorful stickers just to spice the whole thing up.


I hope recipients of my cardboard packages realize I truly do attempt to recycle nearly all paper products. I am reminded of all the years I’ve spent shipping plastic jewel cases and cds around the world and I cringe.  I’ve personally put a lot of plastic out there….


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  1. This is a great idea. I can’t believe how often I’ve thrown out cardboard mailers just because there was so much writing on them or because that “tear strip thingie” had already been used. Obviously it could just be cut and use the inside like you’ve done here. Also, I think a lot of people don’t know that you can mail things in boxes with pictures and things on them, just as long as the address is legible and there’s no other competing address.

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