The Frugal Musician has a tagless teabag party…



I conducted a little experiment here at Frugal Musician central and discovered there is very little, if any, difference in tea bags when making sweet ice tea.  Boyfriend adores his sweet tea, so I’ve been wary of steering away from my standard formula of five family size bags of “good” tea (Tetley,Luzianne, Lipton) and a cup of sugar per gallon of tea.

Name brand family size bags, purchased  24 to a box are around $2.00. 24 family size bags makes 4 gallons of tea (5 bags per gallon) with an annoying 4 left over bags per box.  Recently, I bought a box of 100 “off” brand tagless tea bags at Family Dollar. The box of 100 single tea bags made 10 gallons of tea. And it basically tastes exactly the same as the pricier brands plus there is no superfluous packaging like envelopes for each bag, tags and strings.

The 100 single bags of tea for a buck is definately a better deal and it tastes the same. Until boyfriend complains, this is our new recipe for sweet southern iced tea, or as we call it down here, liquid gold refreshment.


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