The Frugal Musician’s vitamin water….



The Frugal Musician has found a great alternative to pricey vitamin drinks. Kroger sells In an Instant Fitness Drink Mix. I like the sugar-free Kiwi Strawberry flavor. The cool thing is the fruit flavors are natural. The package contains six tubs of mix. One tub equals two quarts of product. Price is usally $2.19 though I have found it as low as $1.67.

So for $2.19 one can make twelve quarts of fitness water. That is a lot of sixteen ounce bottles (which the FM uses over and over again-in case you’re freaked out- I do run these through the diswasher). One eight ounce glass of Kroger Fitness water contains 10% Vitamin C, 10% Vitamin E, 25% Niacin, 25% Vitamin B6, 10% Vitamin B12, and 25% Pantothenic Acid. No fat, no calories, no carbs.

The only downside is the plastic cylinder packaging and the plastic tubs are marked 5 so I cannot put them with my standard city recycling. However, I’ve discovered a ton of uses for the cool, plastic cylinder with a snug fitting plastic top. I’m using them for storage. The wrapper peels cleanly off the cylinder. I’ve also discoverd the empty plastic tubs are great for starting plants OR serving dip or salad dressing on the side.

This is a great alternative to my diet coke habit…..


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