The Frugal Musician gets portable…


I rarely buy a soda or any other beverage away from home.  I am suspicious of the carbonation and syrup lines indicative of the typical fountain type soda machines. I worked in a theatre and saw first hand how nasty those lines can get when not properly maintained.  I also am quite afraid of the “pink mold” that grows on the inside of industrial ice makers (and I am a girl who likes her ice).

When I leave home, even for a quick trip, I take my own liquid refreshment. It may be a bottle of water (I reuse plastic bottles), or a jar of tea or a jar of soda. Yes I said JAR. Mayonnaise jars are the best portable containers for tea or soda. I realize this may sound a little hillbilly, but it works for me. I can reuse mayo jars many times, significantly reducing my Styrofoam cup footprint. Not buying sodas at fast food joints or indulging in the plastic bottled soda at the market helps me reduce expenses.

That said, I do have a bad fetish for Diet Coke and I buy it in plastic bottles which I reuse as planters (cut the top off- it works great) . The cut off top becomes a plastic bell jar for fragile garden plants. But I really do wish I could afford those little baby cokes in the bottles.

Maybe someday. The Frugal Musician can always hope….


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