The Frugal Musician on the go….


Being on the go for most musicians requires eating and drinking on the run. Fast food may be fast but it is unhealthy and expensive.  With just a bit of time and planning, road trips don’t have to involve stops for fast food.  Trent at The Simple Dollar posted a wonderful recipe and how to for breakfast burritos . Breakfast burritos are nutritious, delicious, simple to create and PORTABLE.  Trent gives all the directions, include pricing,preparing and wrapping at

My favorite morning drive breakfast routine is to make a couple of egg salad sandwiches and stash them in plastic containers. I make a container of chips or cut up apples to accompany said sandwich. I put everything in a paper bag along with a banana or raisins, powerbar or cookies.  I prepare the coffeemaker the night before with my favorite blend and put out a to go mug.

The Frugal Musician is NOT a morning person and the thought of a morning drive is nearly unbearable but must be done from time to time. It’s MUCH easier to manage the morning when everything is done the night before. I get up and get dressed while the coffeemaker is perking.  The bag is manageable and sturdy enough to throw in a backpack to sit in the front seat of Miss Betsy (my Jeep Cherokee).  Pour coffee into the portable mug and off we go.

About an hour into the trip, I take out my little bag and have a delicious, nutritious, portable breakfast with coffee. It’s such a sublime experience to take care of oneself and one’s food and not be at the mercy of Mickey D’s, long cues and high cost, high fat food.

What’s your favorite breakfast food when traveling?


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