The Frugal Musician makes polenta…



I grew up on cornmeal mush and gravy and biscuits.  Yes. I am from the southern regions of the US. 

To this day, a visit home means a scrumptious breakfast of cornmeal mush, gravy and homemade biscuits. While I’m home there is always the promise of a hunk of mama’s cornbread and a big bowl of beans (pinto, blackeye peas) with fresh from the garden onion (in the summer) and a wonderous coleslaw. 

Imagine my surprise when I discovered what the ritzy, food channel chefs  call Polenta is actually Cornmeal mush. 

Sometimes I add cheese, herbs, roasted red peppers, or sun dried tomatoes to my mush, er ah, polenta.  I crisp thin slices of homemade bread in the toaster and use those as a spoon….yummy.  If there are leftovers, I refrigerate and slice and fry in butter for dinner.

Cornmeal mush makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can feed it to the family as mush and feed it to guests as Polenta.

Per one cup of water use 1/4 cup cornmeal ( i use yellow cornmeal because the mush looks nicer when it’s yellow)

Boil water, add salt, and slowly stream in cornmeal. Stir, stir, stir!  In just a few minutes, you’ll have a mushy goo. Reduce the heat and add more water or more cornmeal to achieve the right consistancy.  Add butter, veggies, cheese, roasted peppers, onion, tomatoes, what ever you want.  Pour into a bowl and enjoy with toasted crisps of bread.


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