Sweet Tea recipe


Tuesday morning it was cold and snowy here in Richmond. I was driving to an early morning meeting and noticed a woman bracing herself against the wind carrying two jugs of store bought tea. 

The Frugal Musician wondered about that. Does she not know how to make tea? Why would anyone buy tea from the market?

I make sweet tea by the gallon. Boyfriend can drink nearly a gallon a day. Tea has all sorts of medicinal good stuff in it. If you’re a southerner, sweet tea is a staple. Heck, it is even immortalized in song by Cravin Melon, “…on the 8th day…God made sweet tea….”

Here’s a recipe for Sweet Tea.

Fill a glass measuring cup with 4 cups of water

Add 10 individual tea bags or five family size tea bags to the water

Put in the microwave on high for 10 minutes

***let the tea steep for at least an hour. I realize most people don’t do this and then they wonder why their tea is not good. There have been times I have boiled the tea in the microwave and forgotten about it and gone back hours later. Honestly the longer it steeps the better it is.

After tea steeps, REHEAT it in the microwave. You want the tea water as hot as possible before pouring into the gallon container (i use a plastic one gallon pitcher) and stirring in the sugar. I use one cup of sugar.  Pour the sugar and tea water into the gallon container and fill the rest of the way with cool tap water stirring constantly so the sugar melts….

And there you have it.


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  1. a cup of sugar!!!! that’s alot and I will stick to Splenda or Truvia for mine. My 17 year old figure would suffer if I don’t!

    hopefully we can drink some tea together sometime this year hopefully when it is warmer!!!!!

    I love Constant Comment green tea. Try it sometime TB


    • Chris likes SWWEEETTT tea. I drink mine with ice and a half glass of water before pouring the tea. Much less sweeter
      YOU DO HAVE the figure of a 17 year old!!!

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