The Twenty Seven Things



“Three rules of work: out  of clutter find simplicity, from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

Each month I divest myself of at least 27 things. I don’t know where this number came from but it resonates with me. I imagine I probably read it as I was exploring the concept of feng shui- the art of placement of items in ones environment to create peace, abundance and inner harmony.

I challenge you, as the weekend is upon us and malls and stores advertise sales,  to gather 27 things from your environment with the intent to sell, redistribute or donate the items.  As we work to better ourselves and create peace and tranquility, we often find the thinking of things to buy, the acquisition of items and the subsequent storing, maintenance and daily upkeep of said item becomes a burden.  Clean a closet and discard, sell or redistribute items you no longer wear.  Clean a shelf and donate items to a thrift mart or church sale.

We can think of “things” as sticks and leaves in the streams of life. If we continue to allow them to build and collect, eventually they block the flow of important and meaningful paths to progress. 

Twenty seven things.  I challenge you.


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