The Frugal Musician makes One Hour Bread


This recipe is credited to Amy Dacyczn, but was brought to our recent attention by Katy at If you need some inspiration or a chuckle, visit Katy. She has fantastic ideas and writes in a very easy to read style…sorta like you were sitting in her kitchen…


3-4 cups all purpose flour

1 c. whole wheat flour ( I use 4 cups of white unbleached flour since that is what i had in my pantry)

2 tblsp dry yeast

2 tblsp sugar

1 tblsp salt

2 cups HOT water (I boil mine in the microwave)

2 tblsp melted butter (to brush on top of bread)

1 tblsp cornmeal, or poppy seeds or sesame seeds

Mix 4 cups flour with yeast, salt and sugar. Pour in hot water and stir together until thoroughly mixed. Dough will be sticky. Add enough flour to make the dough unsticky.

Knead until smooth and elastic. Place dough in buttered or greased bowl for 15 minutes  in a warm spot covered with a tea towel or cloth.

Punch down dough and divide into two rounds. Score an X in the top of each loaf. Brush with butter and sprinkle on seeds or cornmeal.

Place rounds in baking pans. I actually use cast iron skillets since I don’t have baking sheets. Place in a COLD oven with a pyrex type baking dish partially filled with hot water. Bake at 40-45 minutes.

The Frugal Musician made this yesterday. It was more than good and it was comforting to make on a cold, dreary, rainy day….


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